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Our History

The Kapoor Group of companies was established in Indonesia in 1930. We started out as a small, family-owned sporting goods import-export business. Today we are a diversified group of companies, spanning a number of different industry groups. We operate in Textiles, paper, sporting goods, industrial raw materials and the forestry industries. Our annual revenue now surpasses $100 million.

Indonesia's rapid development as a globally competetitive supplier of textile products demanded a more focused business approach. Consequentlyly, In 1982 a seperate business unit, DPM, was established to focus on this industry.

Today, Duta Permata has become the leading exporter of fabrics from Indonesia. Additonally, we have expanded into new value-added services, such as developing proprietary fabric designs for our clients. DPM's client base now reaches 20 countries worldwide.

Our Vision

DPM's mission is to constantly improve our products, processes, and services in order to provide the greatest value to our clients. Our primary goal is to be an enabler for our clients, providing the value-added that will ensure their success.

Our Clients

DPM's client base reaches worldwide, to Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our customers are garment manufacturers, chain stores, wholesalers, and retailers.

Our Expertise

DPM's longstanding, personal relationships with local manufacturers provide us with access to a consistent supply line of quality products. Our local presence and steady supervision enable us to make and keep our delivery commitments. Moreover, our regular participation in trade shows results in a keen understanding of the international markets which in turn allows us to satisfy even the most demanding clients. In adddition, our ability to innovate helps us provide value-added services to our clients.


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